link22 – Glasswall collaboration to protect against Zero Day Threats

link22 is strengthening its collaboration with British Glasswall in a joint mission to enhance protection against Zero Day threats, previously unknown cyber attacks. By integrating Glasswall’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology with link22’s security solutions, they now offer reinforced defense against these threats.
Samarbete mellan link22 & Glasswall för skydd mot Zero Day Threats

Collaboration against Zero Day attacks

The Swedish cybersecurity company link22 has strengthened its collaboration with British Glasswall to provide advanced protection against zero day threats (previously unknown threats). The partnership allows customers to combine link22’s security solutions with Glasswall’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) function. link22 now delivers an enhanced defense against Zero Day attacks, a type of threat where traditional defensive mechanisms have been ineffective.

The simplest way to understand CDR is to compare it with traditional defense methods. Firewalls and filters work by identifying and blocking known threats, that is, viruses or software that have previously been classified as harmful. Threats generally become known after the first incident. Therefore, firewalls and filters do not protect against undiscovered threats, such as zero day attacks. CDR addresses this vulnerability by converting each file into a harmless file, regardless of whether the original file was harmful or not.

By dismantling, validating, cleaning, and then reconstructing files based on specifications for known and well-defined file types, CDR transforms passive security strategies into active ones. The implementation of this technology represents a significant improvement in the security of file transfers from, for example, open IT environments to isolated IT environments.

Integrates seamlessly with the link22 Cross Domain Solutions

The seamless integration of Glasswall’s CDR technology into link22’s Cross Domain Solution makes it easy for existing and new customers to implement a higher level of security. The technology can be used for both the import and export of information, within and between security domains. The partnership enhances the capabilities of link22’s Cross Domain Solutions.

link22 has customers with specific and complex requirements. To meet these, the company uses both internal expertise and partnerships with niche players such as Glasswall. They do what is necessary to deliver uncompromising security.

CDR operates in four steps

  1. Inspect: Three layers of the file are inspected to validate that its digital DNA matches the manufacturer’s specification of a harmless file. Measures are taken immediately where deviations are detected.
  2. Clean: Active content of a risky nature, such as macros and embedded links, is cleaned and removed based on the user’s policy.
  3. Reconstruct: The file is reconstructed according to the manufacturer’s standard for a harmless file type, ensuring that the file is clean and free from threats.
  4. Deliver: The user has imported a secure, identical file that is approved, standardized, and trusted.


The collaboration with Glasswall illustrates link22’s commitment to staying at the forefront of delivering secure IT solutions. Are you interested in heightening your defense against Zero Day Threats? Please book a demo with us!

Marcus Ekbäck - Business Area Manager CDS

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