link22 Delivers Eavesdropping Protection to Law Firm Glimstedt

link22 levererar avlyssningsskydd till advokatfirman Glimstedt

In an era where digital security is paramount, the law firm Glimstedt takes the lead by implementing link22’s eavesdropping protection, Shield. With a background of successful deliveries to authorities and the defense industry, this marks an important step for link22 into the legal sector.

Cyber security for the toughest security requirements

Cybersäkerhet för högsta säkerhetskrav

We feed more people with fewer resources, we educate more humans faster and more people live in luxury. All thanks to the printing press, the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution. It’s now clear that digitalization is taking over in order to optimize and improve society further. Products are being connected, information is being created and shared in real-time, people are meeting, value is being saved on blockchain networks, and the list goes on. Society is changing fundamentally and everyone is affected.

Swedish government prove to be adaptable and aware around digitalization and cybersecurity

Svenska myndigheter visar digital anpassningsförmåga och god medvetenhet om cybersäkerhet

Swedish authorities are in a very complex situation regarding digital work, digital collaboration and cyber security. They operate in the thin threshold between; laws that protect the privacy of citizens, laws that protect the security of the kingdom, and a system that allows employees to work efficiently. The same threshold is the starting point for our product Outpost Collaboration.