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Productnews – link22 Offline Update

Productnews – link22 Offline Update

Ellen Brunnström and Martin Steen-Holmberg

link22 can now offer a product solution to ensure and automate downloads to physically separated environments. The solution ensures that downloads are inspected and managed over unidirectional data flows.

The process is fully automated, information is fetched, reviewed, and then distributed to different locations in the target system. Files are inspected by link22 Data Guard, where a thorough inspection of each file takes place. The file is broken down into its components to detect vulnerabilities. Inspection can be done with traditional antivirus software, but we also support "Content Disarm and Reconstruction" (CDR), where each file is checked in detail to detect and remove unwanted information. For example, with CDR, we can remove embedded code in Office files. (CDR requires a separate license.) link22 Data Guard has an open architecture that allows for the addition of further customer-specific filters. Extending with additional filters is easy with our development kit.

Read more about link22 Offline Update.

Så funkar link22 offline-update

Our efficient architecture saves time and energy. Files are only inspected once before being distributed to multiple end domains/target environments.

For example, we can handle the following files from the Internet today;

  • Linux updates (Ubuntu, Rocky, CentOS, Epel, Raspbian, and more)
  • Antivirus software updates (Defender ClamAV, and more)
  • Docker
  • Python repositories
  • Emacs Packages
  • CRL lists and CA

Access to downloaded files is done either via HTTPS or file sharing. This means that, for example, Linux computers believe they are online and can easily be patched regularly.

We are especially pleased to announce that we are extending our system license for link22 Secure Transfer with our new functionality. Existing customers can contact us to start using link22 Secure Offline Update. More information is available on our website.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about how this could be implemented in your context.

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Master thesis on data diodes at link22 can lead to employment

Master thesis on data diodes at link22 can lead to employment

At link22, we are always looking for talented and dedicated students. We make it easy for them to showcase their skills by writing a Masters thesis. The latest example is Ellen Brunnström and Martin Steen-Holmberg, who have just completed their thesis at link22. They have not only delivered impressive work, but have also proven to be fantastic colleagues who fit perfectly into the company culture.

We asked Ellen and Martin about their journey. They shared how they became interested in cybersecurity, what it is like to be part of link22, what the future may hold, and what cybersecurity means in their everyday life.

Ellen Brunnström and Martin Steen-Holmberg

Cultivating an interest in cybersecurity

Ellen has been interested in online gaming for as long as she can remember. Computer technology became her passion from an early age. Growing up in Linköping, she felt that there were no other options for her than computer technology. Ellen enjoys problem-solving, particularly software related problems. She loves how software can be taken apart and rebuilt fast to gain knowledge.

Ellen Brunnström

"The most important thing I learned at university was the ability to learn quickly, rather than specific knowledge of cybersecurity.”

Martin has been attached to his computer since childhood. He primarily played games like LOL and COD, and it wasn't until later that he discovered his passion for computer technology. What fascinates Martin about computer technology is the untapped potential. He believes that computer technology can be applied to and improve many areas in society, and that it is full of both meaning and potential. From tracking buses in real-time to streamlining of healthcare and creating 3D models to learn how to dissect.

Martin and Ellen received a recommendation to write a thesis at link22 from a person with connections in the industry, they contacted the link22 and soon after received a concrete proposal for a thesis.

"It was good for us to receive a proposal. We had something to start from and could quickly return with adjustments that were needed to get approval from Linköping University."

A thesis about data diodes

The mission was to investigate if a physical data diode could be replaced by a virtual data diode without compromising on function nor security. They concluded that the virtual versions available today are not as secure as a physical data diode, but that they can perform just as well as physical data diodes for some selected criteria. Ellen and Martin believe that virtual data diodes in the future can become as secure as physical ones and that more research is needed in the field.

Martin Steen-Holmberg

"We received good help from supervisors and experts at link22. Now and then, colleagues came by the thesis office, asked about our work, and offered help. We experienced a wonderful corporate culture full of willingness to collaborate and ambition."

Ellen notes that they both appreciated being close to experts with many years of experience to learn quickly. Something they both believe would have been more challenging in a larger company where there are more departments and a steeper hierarchy.

Cybersecurity and the future

Martin reflects on an attack on a grocery store chain where the cash register system was put out of function. He points out that the weakness of large systems is that an attack can cause severe devastation. He believes that we will see increased system fragmentation to separate "points of failures" and thereby reduce the consequences of each attack.

When asked about specialization, Ellen says that right now, it's about comprehending link22 as a whole and cybersecurity as a field. Time will tell whether she will specialize or not.

For Martin, computer science is about using technology to make the world a better place and solve real problems. He thinks it's exciting to work in an area where there are constantly challenges and opportunities to learn new things. Through his work in computer technology and cybersecurity, Martin wants to create a better future for everyone.

For Ellen, cybersecurity is about solving complex problems and protecting important data from harmful intrusions. Working in cybersecurity gives her the opportunity to work with the latest technology and constantly challenge herself to find new and better solutions to problems that arise. Through her work, Ellen wants to help make digital systems safer.

Thesis and employment

Writing a thesis at link22 is a great opportunity for students to work together with experienced cybersecurity experts and get a first glimpse of what it's like to work in an exciting industry closely linked to critical societal functions. For Ellen and Martin, the thesis at link22 was not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to gain valuable experience that has now led to their employment with the company.

To continue delivering quality cybersecurity, link22 constantly needs new energy, competence, and experience. Students with relevant education are an important part of this, and we see master thesis writing as a good opportunity for employment consideration. If you or someone you know is interested in making the same journey as Ellen and Martin, we encourage you to visit our career page.

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link22 awarded Master Gazelle

link22 awarded Master Gazelle

Our main task is to protect critical infrastructure, ensure citizen privacy, and enable efficient work in vulnerable environments. Silence is a good sign, everything works. This aligned with our purpose, but sometimes we also need explicit confirmation. If we do a good job, word spreads and more businesses want to do business with us. Therefore, receiving the Master Gazelle award from Dagens Industri gives us extra energy.

Välkommen Peter Alvarsson

Master Gazelle companies are those that have been awarded Gazelle Company for three or more years. To become a Gazelle Company, the following must be met:

  • A net turnover exceeding SEK 10 million, according to the latest annual report.
  • At least ten employees, according to the latest annual report.
  • Increased its turnover by at least double, if you compare the first and the last financial year in the four-year survey period.
  • Increased its turnover every year for the past three years.
  • A positive operating profit for the last four financial years.
  • In essence, grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers.
  • Sound finances.

Very few companies succeed in becoming a Master Gazelle. Link22 achieved this feat in just three years, in other words, the shortest possible time.

"For over ten years, we have patiently built a stable company ready for growth. This has allowed us to grow rapidly without compromising on quality."

- Conny Ljungqvist - link22 CEONow the work continues for a continued safe and efficient society. If you want to join our journey, we gladly accept your application. Read more about opportunities on our career page.

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Ellen Brunnström

Ellen Brunnström from master thesis to employment

Ellen Brunnström from master thesis to employment

From master thesis to employment

Ellen Brunnström completed her studies in Computer Science with a focus on secure systems with a 6-month-long thesis work. She carried out this work for Linköping University at link22. After these 6 months, all parties felt that a continuation was desirable and we are now happy to announce that Ellen is part of the team. Ellen enjoys her noise-cancelling headphones and likes to play floorball, as she tells us in the interview below.

Välkommen Peter Alvarsson

What is important to you in an employer?

Flexibility and good communication,

What interests you about cybersecurity?

It is a relevant field that is becoming more and more important.

How do you think you can contribute at link22?

Curiosity and some new perspectives.

What do you need to be motivated?

Just the right amount of challenges and slightly varied tasks.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Play floorball.

What is your favorite gadget?

Noise-canceling headphones.

What did your studies focus on and how can it be useful at link22?

A degree in Computer Science with a focus on secure systems, which has given me broad foundational knowledge with high relevance to cybersecurity.

What advice do you have for students who want to apply to link22?

Check out interesting thesis projects that are available, and if there isn't a perfect match, try to come up with your own twist.

We are looking for the right skills

We have big ambitions, we want to grow bigger and smarter. The search for competence is ongoing. Do you or anyone you know have an interest and relevant skills for us? If so, we want your application. Learn more about it on our career page.

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Martin Steen-Holmberg

Welcome onboard Martin Steen-Holmberg!

Welcome onboard Martin Steen-Holmberg!

Welcome to link22

After six months of an internship, both link22 and Martin felt that a continuation was natural. Martin comes to link22 directly from the Master program in Computer Science at Linköping University. We talked to Martin about life, cybersecurity, and work. Sleep, music, and snacks are important to his well-being. A meaningful mission and fun colleagues are important to him in his work life. Below is the full interview.

Välkommen Peter Alvarsson

What is important to you in an employer?

Fun colleagues, opportunities to influence and a positive atmosphere.

What interests you about cybersecurity?

Everyone, everywhere needs some form of cybersecurity, so the opportunities to help are many.

Cybersecurity is broad and has an impact both nationally and privately. I feel that in my private life, I get more use out of knowledge about cybersecurity than knowledge about, for example, AI or robotics. My feeling is that there is a greater chance that someone I know will ask me how to avoid phishing than they will ask me how to make a robot or adjust an AI.

How do you think you can contribute to link22?

What interests me right now and what I hope to raise awareness about is user-friendliness and consequence analysis.

What do you need to be motivated?

I appreciate flexible working hours, meaningful and current tasks, and a good supply of cookies and snacks as it usually helps me to get through the last hours.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I try to keep up with the political discussion and watch series. Playing board games with friends is also an interest, and I hope to get a small group going at link22. I am also a big Eurovision fan, and now it is the high season, so it is something I am looking forward to! They haven't won their national competitions yet, but Norwegian "Queen of Kings" and Finnish "Cha Cha Cha" are favorites right now.

What is your favorite item?

Either my headphones as music can be very therapeutic for me, or my mattress as a good night's sleep really makes a difference.

What did your studies involve and how can it be useful at link22?

I took a Master in Computer Science with a specialization in Secure Systems at Linköping University. I hope that I have learned some newer techniques and tools over the years that may not have reached link22 yet, and I can spread them there.

What advice do you have for students who want to apply to link22?

Think about whether you want to work for a larger or smaller company. link22 is of the smaller type and that's a good thing in my opinion. Everyone knows everyone, and work in smaller groups seems very effective.

If you, as a student, also cannot think of an idea for a thesis project, check out link22! In my and Ellen's journey, we contacted many different companies, and either they had no suggestions and said "come up with something yourself" or there was only one thesis project with a security theme that did not suit us. On the other hand, link22 had a lot of suggestions ready, which simplified our process a lot. They were, of course, open to the student's own suggestions, and you could also adjust alternatives, but having something to start from made it much easier.

We want you

We are growing with our mission and are constantly looking for more energy and competence in new employees. If you want to do what Martin does and work with cutting-edge technology for a safer digital world, we would be happy to receive your application here!

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Link22 granted membership in Swedish defense industry organisation

Link22 granted membership in Swedish defense industry organisation

We at Link22 are proud to announce that we have been accepted as members of the Security and Defense Companies (SOFF) industry organisation. SOFF is an industry organisation for companies in the security and defense sector with operations in Sweden, aimed at promoting the competitiveness of its member companies.

We see that the market for cybersecurity is huge and there is room for more players and growth, the same goes for the defense industry as a whole. The security situation will always be challenged, and it is necessary for market-competitive actors to also collaborate towards the higher goal of creating a safer society.

As members of SOFF, we have the opportunity to participate in the work to ensure that the security and defense industry in Sweden has the best conditions to operate successfully. We look forward to collaborating with other leading companies in the industry and contributing to market-promoting processes and activities.

Välkommen Peter Alvarsson

The world is rapidly being digitized, more and more things are being connected. Authorities are digitizing, industries depend on digital systems and critical infrastructure is connected. The concepts of cybersecurity and general security have an increasingly larger overlap. The situation is becoming more complex, which puts higher demands on the solution. We look forward to collaborating with both direct colleagues and new partners through our membership in SOFF.

We are convinced that this membership will be important for our continued work in the security and defense industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of an organisation with such a strong position and influence in the industry, and we look forward to contributing to SOFF's work. As one of Sweden's leading cybersecurity companies, it is a natural step for us to be members and we believe we can contribute to the work towards a thriving market for member companies, both domestically and internationally.

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Renewed ISO 9001 quality certification

Renewed ISO 9001 quality certification

Välkommen Peter Alvarsson


Quality is of utmost importance to us. Our security products must meet every attempt at intrusion, without exception. When our customers are subjected to an attack, they have only one chance to defend themselves. We must succeed every time for our customers to maintain their effectiveness. When it comes to defense, quality is preferable over quantity. Our products need to maintain high quality and in order to achieve this, we believe that the entire operation must maintain high quality. Values spread across people, domains and tasks, we value quality. That's why it's self-evident for us to meet the requirements of ISO9001 which deals with quality assurance of operations, and we are proud to announce that we have just renewed our quality certification through third-party certification body DNV.

We look forward to continuing to deliver cybersecurity without compromise.


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säkerhetsprodukt link22

Three government security challenges solved with data diodes

Three government security challenges solved with data diodes

Appropriate data security

As government authorities are becoming more vulnerable to various types of cyberattacks, it is crucial to prioritize cybersecurity and implement systematic measures to protect against these threats. An important aspect of cybersecurity is selecting the appropriate solutions, such as data diodes, which are designed to withstand attacks and provide a high level of security for sensitive information. By utilizing data diodes, government authorities can effectively address a range of IT security issues and ensure the protection of data security.

The data Diode

A data diode is a cybersecurity solution that utilizes one-way-communication to exchange information. This hardware product provides high assurance in maintaining the integrity of networks by preventing intrusions, while also protecting sensitive information through maintaining network confidentiality. Data diodes are an important part of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

säkerhetsprodukt link22

Data diode or Firewall?

When it comes to protecting sensitive or classified information from leakage or manipulation, one common solution is to completely disconnect it from other networks. However, there may be times when data needs to be transferred to or from the protected network. In these cases, a firewall may not be sufficient for improving cybersecurity. While a firewall can help protect the network by only allowing certain traffic through, a high assurance supplement in the form of a Cross Domain Solution (CDS) may also be necessary. A CDS, like a data diode, helps to maintain secure information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs. Data diodes, specifically, are a type of CDS that facilitate communication, sharing, or movement of information between domains while also applying validation, transformation, or filtering to the exchange.

Secure File Transfer

One use of data diodes for government authorities is secure file transfer. When transferring important information from a high-security system to a lower-security administrative office network, there is a risk of security breaches. However, by using a data diode to send the data from the high-security network to the lower-security network, the information can be transmitted safely while maintaining the integrity of the high-security network. The data diode ensures that no one can use the same connection to access the sensitive network and potentially manipulate it while also protecting the sending domain.

Learn more about the functions of data diodes here.

Using data diodes for traceability and logging in security-sensitive operations

Centralized log collection in security-sensitive systems can increase the risk of attacks. To mitigate these risks, a solution is needed that protects both log information and all connected systems.

Many IT systems generate logs that allow for troubleshooting and traceability. To maximize the usefulness of these logs, it is important to collect logs from as many systems as possible into a central system for storage and analysis.

If you have security-sensitive or zoned systems and want to implement centralized log collection, you must consider the inherent goal conflict. Logging benefits from having a common system for all zones/subsystems, but a common system increases the risk of various types of attack and the risk of information leakage between the supervised systems.

Data diodes can provide powerful protection for centralized log collection. Each zone that delivers log information is protected with a data diode. The data flow is unidirectional towards the log system. This allows for the use of a common log system, regardless of the number of zones that deliver data to it. 

Read more about logging and CDS here.

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Secure Updates

As the use of Windows and/or Linux based systems within ICS/SCADA has grown, the need to update these systems has become more pressing. This is because complex software often contains bugs that need to be fixed in order to maintain system stability and security.

However, if not done properly, the process of updating can itself pose a security risk. The integrity and availability of the systems must be maintained, and most system updates are not adequately evaluated in the environment in which they are used or in combination with the applications that are running.

One way to securely perform updates is by using a data diode to ensure one-way communication. The data diode is connected in such a way that information can be imported into the system, but since no traffic can be transmitted in the opposite direction, information leakage is prevented.

We know the in and outs of data diodes from a cybersecurity point of view. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything.

Book a demo or a meeting here.

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!
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A national safety discussion secured by Shield

A national safety discussion secured by Shield

A meeting between military Officers and the ministry of defense is held with security support from Shield

Mobile phones are relatively easy to use for eavesdropping on meetings. Phones are therefore an attractive target for foregin powers who want to conduct espionage. They can be hacked through downloaded apps that have access to the microphone and by physically getting a hold of the phone to install malicious software. This means that a phone should never be left out of sight and that a phone never should be laying around during a meeting where sensitive information is discussed. An obvious cyber security conundrum.

Safety meeting

Shield is our solution to this problem, a noise-box especially developed to make phones less of a security risk. Here is an example of how Shield can be useful in a meeting between politicians and national defense.

Two high ranked officers have a meeting with the defense ministry and two politicians from the ruling party. None of the participants want to leave their phone out of sight as it is a security risk for them. They enter the meeting room and put their phones in Shield. One of the politicians has a smartwatch that she puts in the Shield. The meeting is held at full discretion.

Read more about Shield here.

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!
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The Year 2022

The Year 2022

The record year 2022

2022 has been a record year for Link22. Not only have we closed record-large deals, but we have also gained renewed trust from our customers when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure, integrity, and data. Our customers have been very satisfied with this year's deliveries, which is the most important thing for us.

But it's not just our customers who have shown trust in us. We have also been named a Gazelle company for the third year in a row by Dagens Industri, something we are very proud of. In addition, our CEO Conny Ljungqvist has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by EoY.

During the year, we have also participated in Innovation Day and the cybersecurity fair Sec-t, which has given us the opportunity to showcase our products and services to a wider audience. We have also expanded our office with new, nice premises, which has given us even more room to grow and develop. In addition, we have strengthened our team with several new employees, including Björn Knuthammar, Peter Alvarsson, Joakim Forsberg, Kevin Kvissberg, Elis Hallqvist and Hanna Karlström.

We have been Quality Certified according to ISO 9001:2015, which is important because we promise to deliver uncompromising security and therefore consistently high quality.

During the past year, we have launched new products, including the Data Diode Proxy 3.5, which has been well received. This shows that we are not only a reliable partner, but that we also constantly strive to develop and improve.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our customers and partners who have placed their trust in Link22 during the year that has passed. We look forward to an even stronger 2023 together with you.

The employees at link22 donated their Christmas gifts to charity through the Red Cross.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at link22!

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